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      Boxing Gloves
      Coaching Mitts
      Bag Mitts/Bag Gloves
      Cut Finger Mitts
      Grappling Gloves
      Chest & Breast Guards
      Head Guards
      Groin & Abdonminal Guards
      Belly Pad
      Shin & Shin Step
      Focus Pads
      Speed Balls
      Punching Balls
      Medicine Balls
      Kick Shield
      Thai Pads
      Punching Bags
      Steel Chain for Puching Bags
      Puching Bags Stands
      Skiping & Jumping Ropes
      Rubber Straps for Punching Balls
      Elastic Rope for Punching Balls
      Mouth Guards
      Mouth Guards Cover
      Swival Hooks for Speed Balls
      Key Chains
      Kick Boxing Uniforms
      Boxing & Kick Boxing Trousers
      Boxing Gawn
      Corner Man Jackets
      Boxing uniforms
      Boxing Shorts
      Thai Boxing Shorts
      Grappling Shorts
      Rash Guard Shirts
      Boxing Shoes
      Boxing Kids Corner
      Sports / Carry Bags
      Judo Uniforms
      Karate Uniforms
      Taekwondo Unfiorms
      Kungfu Uniforms
      Brazilian Jui-Jatsu Uniforms
      Martial Arts Belts
      Martial Arts Sashes
      Karate Mitts
      Semi Contact Gloves
      Kungfu Gloves
      Bruce Lee Gloves
      Taekwondo Racket
      Elastic Equipments
      Sports / Carry Bags
      Karate Shoes
      Taekwondo Shoes
      Kungfu Shoes
      weight Lifting Belts
      Weigth Lifting / Cycle Gloves
      Weigth Lifting Accessories
      Sports / Carry Bags
      Track Suits Gents
      Track Suits Ladies
      Jogging Suits Gents
      Jogging Suits Ladies
      T-Shirts & Polo-Shirts
      Hooded Sweat Shirts
      Team Sports Uniforms/Training Vests
      Sports & Carry Bags
      Soccer Balls
      Soccer Shoes
      Goal Keeper Gloves
      Shin Guards
      Hand Balls
      Volly Balls
      Promotional Balls
      Basket Balls
      Rugby Balls(American Football)
      Net Balls
      Sala Balls
      Mini Balls
      Sports / Carry Bags

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The Black Stallion is an elite international trading company with its own manufacturing facilities at Sialkot Pakistan. We specialize is producing and supplying genuine leather products of high esthetic value giving our customers both the worlds of elegant design and matchless quality. The Black Stallion started its enterprising voyage in 1990. During our initial years we started as manufacturer but later in 1999 we realized our potentials to export our products by ourselves. Today when we have more then 150 dedicated and highly skilled worksmen who are together putting their best to produce the best quality products for the company, we have our offices both in Pakistan as well as abroad and also have the STATE– OF– THE– ART leather manufacturing facility where our craftsmen put their skills to the toughest tests of quality standards to manufacturing a range of wonderful quality leather. We strive hard to cater to a wide range of our coustomers business needs and supply our quality products to importers, wholesalers , departmental stores and especialy chain stores across the globe. When it comes the sourcing of raw material, we have well established relationships in Pakistan and abroad for the prompt efficient sourcing of raw materials. We are able to provide products from multiple origins allowing our customers the freedom to choose the best products to meet their specific needs. As a customer driven campany, it’s our goal to provide the best and most coast effective products available anywhere in the world. We maintain the highest standards of quality in choosing our products, worksmanship and customers relationship. Our dedication to quality is reflected in the kind of patronage we have been enjoying since our inception. May it be boxing gloves / equipment,martial arts equipmets / uniforms, weightlifting gloves / eqipments,fitness & sports ware and balls ie soccer balls, volley balls, hand balls etc etc,
The Black Stallion is your one – stop leather source. We invite you to join our group of discerning customers and take advantage of our expertise in manufacturing of our range of products.

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